WWE ’12 Misses the Boat on Special Edition (here’s some better content I’d put in)

For those that don’t know, WWE’s latest video game WWE ’12 will have a special “People’s Edition” with Rock on the cover. For an extra $10 ($70) you will get…

WWE ’12 “The People’s Edition” includes:

  • Unique foil sleeve cover packaging featuring The Great One.
  • WWE ’12 videogame including The Rock playable in-game character.
  • Exclusive WWE Blu-Ray/DVD (depending on platform type) featuring The Rock’s must-see WWE Raw appearances from February 14, 2011 and April 4, 2011, including his highly anticipated return to WWE and the moment his WrestleMania XXVIII match with John Cena was made official. Produced by the WWE for The People’s Edition!
  • Exclusive foil Topps trading card featuring The Rock.
  • Electrifying photograph of The Rock.

Wow… that’s pretty bland… I’d throw in an extra storyline mode… the People’s storyline that takes players through the Rock’s Hayday over a year. Complete with HHH, Mankind, Austin and the Big Show in their old attires. You don’t even need to have any one of them doing voice overs. It would make that version of the game feel special instead of just a different coat of paint on the same game. Maybe videos spliced in of promos building up to the matches in there either building to their real life matches or retrospective interviews with everyone about the match you’re about to play through.

That might take a whole day or two for THQ designers to make and add to the special edition.

I also think they really should have 3 editions… 1 standard, 2 specials (Cena & Rock) where if you combine the 3 covers it makes one long cover. They could sell more copies of the game that way, because Mortal Kombat has done special editions with 4 covers and they all sell. Collectors go out of their way. Imagine… $60 for standard + 2 * $70 for special editions. Just for a COVER. People will buy it… $200! That will look good for your game sales when these WWE games haven’t sold too well since WWE ‘8 (Smackdown vs RAW 2008) .


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