How TNA can save money, sell more tickets, get higher ratings and make more money

Call me cheap, but I think that TNA can save money by letting go of high-priced talent like Sting, Hogan, Angle, RVD, Scott Stiener, Ken Anderson, Flair and others. Sure it would hurt letting them go, but sometimes its for the best. Letting go of the guys who have been at the top of the company for a few years. But in reality, have those guys drew ratings? TNA gets an average rating of 1.1 per week. Nothing seems to move the needle.

Sting vs Ric Flair garnered a 1.2 rating for the entire show built around that match. Maybe if they did a 1.5 I’d say keep Sting. Rumor is that Spike TV pays for a lot of the high-priced talent, when Spike TV should probably be paying TNA that high price to keep TNA on the network.

By my calculations TNA will always get a 1.1 no matter what. New ECW got 1.1. NXT got 1.1… 1.1 its the bottom of the barrel. Which is why I’ve always said… cut the high price talent… except for 2 high pricers, lets say Angle (who has problems) and RVD (who doesn’t want to be there) and build up young guys (and probably cheaper). Then in a year. Rotate the big price talent out and replace them with 2 other guys.That would at least help the company keep costs down where they are self-sufficient.

Now here’s how TNA can sell more tickets (while still keeping costs down)… When TNA does house shows and tours around lets say to  North Carolina… they can call up big name locals like Jeff Hardy and Ric Flair to ask them, “How would you guys like $1,000 to appear?” That way TNA isn’t spending $50,000+ a year on them. They’d get the hometown pop and you might sell 500 extra tickets for the  home towners. 500 x $10 = $5,000 … payment enough. Plus since these high-priced names aren’t on TV, they’ll feel special for appearing on the house shows.

Also… plug these big names will be at house shows to sell more tickets.

This idea of cutting high-priced talent wouldn’t affect the TNA Impact tapings, because chances are they’ll always fill the 1,000 seat arena and get their 1.1 rating, even with AJ Styles, Robert Roode, Christopher Daniels, KAZ, Abyss, Austin Aries, James Storm, and fresh faces from the US and Mexico. TNA tickets are always free even if the Universal Studios park tickets are $60 – $80. That park will always be full and so will the Impact Zone.

If the high-priced talent is cut and you’re left with home-grown talent, it will be full of fresh guys never seen anywhere else and fans will watch TNA Impact to see what they do, so the audience will grow with them. Fans will buy TNA PPVs, TNA T-Shirts and TNA DVDs to see home-grown talent in their prime. However, pushing former WWE, WCW and ECW guys, the fans end up thinking… I’ve seen this guy or that guy in the WWE, ECW or WCW and they’ll end up popping in old WWE DVDs to see the guys in their prime and wearing their old wrestling T-shirts instead of buying yours.

You can also try giving the fans what they want. People watch wrestling shows because of the wrestling right? I say have 15 minute main events… but since TNA films 2-3 episodes per TV taping, maybe they can’t have all the in-ring action because than a 4 hour wrestling card is a bit much to sit through.

Oh and book match finishes that a 5-year-old can understand, because if you can’t explain it to a 5-year-old people won’t like the main event. That’s not insulting a person’s intelligence by saying a 5-year-old needs to understand it. Let me explain it like this… if I tell you first X interferes, then Y interferes, then brass knucks were used, then someone went for a pin in a submission match, then the ref got knocked out, then Hogan ran out, then a new ref came out, then the old ref woke up and then they double pinned.  That’s a lot to happen in one match. Heck that’s a lot to happen in 1 SHOW!

If people hear about good matches, word of mouth will spread. Then if you give the 15 minute main eventers 20 – 30 minutes on PPV… you’ll get people watching and talking positively about TNA PPVs.

Plus TNA’s 50/50 booking of everyone. Your TNA champions lose to Gunner heading into a PPV doesn’t make me want to watch your PPVs and I love TNA. The 50/50 method is good for midcarders, but main eventers need to be 80/20 going over midcarders and upper tier talent while feuding with other tip top guys. The 80/20 method will make you look at AJ and Roode as top guys instead of seeing them equal to everyone else. Pick your 4 top guys and build the company around them.

If someone gets released from the WWE and you need the feeling of snatching up their star that they just lost… bring them on for a brief 3 months (unless they’re unwilling), then feed the ex-WWE guys to your TNA champions and work them down the card. TNA champion > anyone from the WWE. In TNA ( Anyone in TNA > Anyone in WWE ). You know that in the WWE it would be ( Anyone in WWE > Anyone in TNA ). Your guys are stars. AJ Styles is a star. Robert Roode is a star. KAZ is a star. Christopher Daniels is a star. Abyss is a star. James Storm is a star. Let me put it another way. These are your children, they are better than anyone else’s children. Protect your children, make them strong.

Just some thoughts on how TNA can save money, sell more tickets and get higher ratings and make more money.


One thought on “How TNA can save money, sell more tickets, get higher ratings and make more money

  1. workmancer Post author

    Thanks Rachell! That means a lot. But I’m curious what you meant by this type of… blog?

    Another lil thing that TNA can do is when it shows off live event dates on the bottom of the screen… It has the DATE in big text at the top. It should have the CITY IN BIG TEXT at the top. So people realize Oooo its my city and not… ooo its October 23rd! Plus the text for the city is really thin surrounded by blue making it tough to read….


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