Why TNA’s James Storm should win the Bound for Glory Series instead of Robert Roode

I think its obvious that Robert Roode will win the Bound for Glory Series. He cuts fiery promos and he’s been one half of the top tag team for years now. People want to see this guy elevated. However, this Bound for Glory series is BS, because the 12 guys in the series have had a different number of matches and to top it off, Samoa Joe took out the top guy in the series (Crimson), damaging its credibility.

James Storm should win the series and go on to face Kurt Angle at the next pay-per-view for the TNA title. Then with one month of build up, Kurt can go in and just cripple James Storm injure him bad and then have Roode come out for the hot save at the end of the event.

Then over the next month with James Storm in the hospital, Robert Roode is free to get revenge against Kurt Angle. It’s not about the title, it’s about revenge! He can march into November’s pay-per-view and have a title match until Angle flagrantly kicks Roode in the balls for the DQ (unless TNA still acknowledge its title change hands by DQ, then have Roode go off the handle and beat Angle with a chair). Then Roode beats down Angle, destroys him, makes him bleed and keeps Roode’s heat with his arms raised at the end of the night.

Roode got his revenge, but in December it will be about the title. Angle doesn’t want that match, so Bischoff puts Roode through Immortal hoops each week. Matches with Stiener, Gunner and Bully Ray to get his TNA title shot. Then a match is made Abyss.vs Roode and if Roode wins, he gets to pick the stipulation for his match with Angle, but if he loses Angle will choose. Abyss loses…  At December’s pay-per-view it will be a no DQ match with Angle vs Roode for the TNA title.

Roode wins even with Angle cheating all the way. As he beats down Angle he can even say that shot is for Fortune, that shot is for me, and that shot was for James Storm! Then when Robert Roode wins the title Fortune can come out and hoist him up… followed by all the faces coming out and balloons dropping.

The next Impact, Angle will want his TNA title back, so he’ll ask for a rematch and it will be granted… but it will be a submission match! Good luck Robert Roode! It will be his toughest match ever as he tries to make a submission expert submit. Somehow he overcomes Kurt in January’s submission match.

Then in February, James Storm makes his return… Robert Roode did what James Storm couldn’t. Defeat Kurt Angle and with the TNA title! First and foremost for James Storm is kicking Kurt’s ass. The two of them have a feud while Robert Roode defends the TNA title against everyone. It is business as usual for a top-tier champion… a few months go by with James Storm earning a title shot over his final victory over Kurt Angle. A TNA title shot against Robert Roode in April.

Their title shot comes and goes. They have a good clean match to headline the show in April. They both have their arms raised at the end and hug. A good sign of sportsmanship.

In May, Roode defends his title against … lets say Samoa Joe who just clobbers Roode with a chair and makes him bleed. James Storm runs out and sends Joe packing! Referees prop up a bloody Roode with his arm raised for winning. James Storm grabs the TNA title and before he gives it to the champ, Storm looks down at the belt and briefly pauses, before giving it to Roode.

Roode keeps defending the title with Storm backstage… but comes out to help him celebrate with each victory… helps him celebrate…. that’s it… Sure Storm has his own matches and wins them… but they’re not for a title… He goes on a bit of a winning streak… but they’re not for a title.  Limos drive Robert Roode around… women follow him, he subtly starts to gather more wealth (even though he was already wealthy).

A backstage instigator like Flair says… that used to be me… that could have been you. Beer Money arrive together… children and hot women ask for Roode’s autograph… AJ sees that it’s getting to Storm. Its okay man, its Roode’s time. I had my time. You’ll have yours too one day.

In time James Storm just snaps and after a match when he’s celebrating with Roode he beats him down. That title should be his and everything that comes with it! The women! The money! The commercials! The fame! Next week Roode is angry at Storm, if he wanted a match, he should have asked for it man to man, but James didn’t want to seem like a dog begging for scraps since he had lost in April.

They headline another pay-per-view match in June. Roode hasn’t lost since September 2011. Except for when James lost to Roode in April, James Storm hasn’t lost since September either. 2 men haven’t lost in 10 months for the title. Building up to the PPV… James Storm is willing to give up his friendship for everything that TNA title would bring him. Then they can seriously feud from June 2012 – Sept 2012 over the TNA title..


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