Teddy Hart is still insane (he hypes New Generation Stampede)

This is the interview >>


Teddy Hart is one of those rare guys that can talk for 20 minutes when you ask him one question and he doesn’t even answer the question. He’s also a guy that gets a lot of flack for going way out of his way to put himself over at the expense of everyone else in the ring and outside the ring.

I listened to Teddy Hart’s interview on Live Audio Wrestling. Teddy was humble until he accidentally swore. He was very apologetic. Then the hosts (John Pollock and Wai Ting) told him that he could swear. His demeanor totally changed. Swears left and right. Graphic swears too.

Then he got to the point of the interview which was to hype New Stampede Wrestling or Triple A or Next Generation Stampede (I honestly didn’t understand the name of the promotion)… which will have keys and codes to open boxes and make turnbuckle / ladder heights taller. Wow. TNA tried doing keys too…

He wants to get a lot more guys wrestling like MMA guys, soccer players, acrobats, dirt bikers, bands and so on, which is great because it increases the talent diversity from the traditional guys.

Then the interview went downhill when they asked him about what else he’s been up to. He got married… and got into new businesses… like breeding Persian cats… that he wants to accompany him to the ring. He’s training dogs to break up pinfalls. He wants rare and exotic animals in matches and he wants trampolines to be used in the ring.

That’s the point that I realized he needs 2 more rings, because he really wants a circus. Hiring acrobats, having trampolines, ladders that can be made taller (why not get taller ladders), dirt bikers, exotic animals… just makes me think he wants a circus. It’s clear…

This guy is his own man. He fits into no box. He is the Paris Hilton of wrestling. Came from a famous family and is a total retard disconnected from reality. He thinks way outside the box which might be a good thing, but if wrestling has carved a grand canyon of a valley, this guy is trying to climb out of the valley.

Have a listen to the interview its 45 minutes of craziness gold and Teddy Hart yapping. He’s always crazy gold, like when Teddy was interviewed by Live Audio Wrestling after his infamous HBO interview. Teddy came off sounding very gay. Invited the HBO interviewer to sleep over and spend the night with him… Good thing he’s married now.

Hopefully Teddy remembers to show up for the show he was just hyping… unlike the last interview hype he did. Oh Teddy. I’ve missed you a lot!


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