How TNA can still make money off Jeff Hardy and still punnish him

Jeff Hardy is coming back to TNA despite his drug problems and the fact that he messed up PPV main events in the past. They seem to want to tell an addict got his act together and got better. It’s a Cinderella story sure… but if I were forced to make use of Jeff, here’s how I would do things…When Jeff comes back, I’d hype him returning. Then when he returns, have him get his pop and have him say what he needs to and the pop will be HUGE! Film it… but not air it.. yet… Then have him in a match that night. On TV he’d be thrown out cold… no entrance, he’d just be in the ring… so that way the fan’s pop will have died down once the crowd gets settled. There’s all your hype of his return he’s in the ring. He does the job clean to Sting in the match that was supposed to be at the PPV.You can give him a good match, but Sting goes over clean.Then I’d make him into nothing… He would be irrelevant. I wouldn’t use him on TV (unless contractually obligated). But I would have him exclusively on house showsand maybe dark matches. People will pay to see him… it would bump the house show, but then never have him on TV again.Fans will follow Jeff Hardy. Fans will look in the ticker at the bottom of the screen when I show house show matches Jeff Hardy vs AJ. Jeff Hardy vs Daniels. Jeff Hardy vs Kendrick. His die-hard fans will see his name and those fans will purchase tickets to house shows… especially when they realize… that’s the only way to see Jeff Hardy. I will crush their hero and I will laugh because it won’t matter to them. They saw Jeffrey Hardy in the ring and paid for tickets.Promote his merchandise… but not him. His fans will always be behind him and I’d just like to abuse that fact.

Then after 6 or 12 months… when he’s cleaned up his act for real, bring him back to TV and tell that Cinderella story. Show his appology on TV that he made a year before. Have him in TV matches. Then he can make even more money, because people will be starved of him. Plus my idea prevents backlash against the company from guys like Samoa Joe and MVP that lose week in and week out.

If he never cleans up his act… then he’ll stay in dark matches and house shows.


2 thoughts on “How TNA can still make money off Jeff Hardy and still punnish him

  1. mightimo20

    I don’t think Jeff Hardy will ever clean up his act. I’m actually shocked they brought him back but I guess since Matt Hardy pulled that stupid suicide stunt, they need a Hardy name to get some extra ratings. Hardy has had so many chances to get clean I can’t even count. He really needs a serious 360 on his life. I hope TNA slaps him with major restrictions, they don’t want a repeat of his drug induced daze ever again.


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