Flaws in the WWE Divas of Doom storyline… and how to save it.

Natalya & Beth Phoenix… the Diva’s of Doom, the Saviour Sisters of the WWE. CM Punk says he’s a saviour… Beth is dating CM Punk, but I shall digress…

Luckily the brand split is quickly dissolving so Natalya and Beth can actually be a team and float around to different brands. However, their hate for Barbie Dolls makes very little sense. Barbie dolls are traditionally fake blondes… like Natalya and Beth. I have a feeling they use bleach to get that blonde and both have implants… maybe. Just like WWE Diva’s champion Kelly Kelly.

Sure their work rate is great compared to most women, and I’ve always felt they should push Beth Phoenix like Chyna and she can be a giant mainstream success and be in movies and so on, but their logic is very flawed. She needs a great push and to be put into storylines with men instead of women. Doesn’t mean she has to wrestle men… just be involved with bigger storylines than women.

Back to the flawed logic of the Barbie doll divas… If anything Rosa Mendez and Tamina should be the anti-divas sick of Kelly Kelly and everyone else that shakes their booty.

Since this is about Beth and Natalya though… to save their storyline. I’d have them simply say they’re better than Kelly and all the other divas and prove it with victory. They don’t need to rub their aces in people’s faces, they don’t need to shake anything, because those are just frills to make up for the fact that they can’t hold a candle to Beth and Natalya. See it doesn’t bury Kelli by saying she can’t wrestle, just that she can’t hold a candle to the traditional wrestlers.

Chances are… Beth gets the title, because the PPV will be held near her hometown of Buffalo, NY. I really don’t even think Beth should get the Diva’s title. There aren’t that many female faces for her to feud against. They need to build up some heels so we see someone else go for the title instead of the Bellas. Maybe Michelle McCool comes back? or Eve turns… or time to heat up some fresh divas.

I’ll close with another thing that didn’t make sense was seeing Natalya cheek kiss Michael Cole was quite a turn from a few months ago where she was just about sitting on Jerry’s lap while insulting Cole, but I guess since they’re both heels it makes sense. Cole should have been jumping up and down at Beth’s victory over Eve… because Cole always hated Eve.

Just a thought…


2 thoughts on “Flaws in the WWE Divas of Doom storyline… and how to save it.

  1. Big Splash

    Not sure they would make it as simple as “we are better than the others” because that has been done with Punk, Jericho, Barrett, and Del Rio recently just to name a few. I think the best thing they can do is keep them off Raw and on Smackdown. Let them have enough time to work a decent match. These 3 minute Diva “Vegetable” matches are soaking up valuable time on Raw.

    If they want a good diva’s division: let them wrestle and showcase their talents, not their asses.

    1. workmancer Post author

      Its wrestling. Hasn’t it all been done before? CM Punk wanting “change” is what Sting has wanted for years with TNA. We see how well he did 🙂 How is 3 minutes really soaking up valuable time? Its 3 minutes and I think they last longer than that. I say give 3 minute matches to low end talent for tag team matches. With a simple 5 minutes on RAW you can get over an entire tag division. I’m not sure all Divas can work good matches. That’s kind of the problem. Thank you for your reply 🙂


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